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 The wind is cold
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Inviato il il 08/11/2019 :  09:16:08  Guarda il profilo di  Rispondi Citando
The wind is cold, taking away the autumn leaves, it is your feelings. The cold wind slammed hard on the banyan tree. I was alone and sad. I was beside the banyan tree, thinking about me and your bits and pieces. You always ask this question, I am tired of you; you have a good table at a table, but I said it is difficult to swallow; in short, whatever you do for me, I am bored with you, even hate all of you. . That thing, I will never forget. I went home from school that day. Not far from home, I heard a painful sorrow, this voice always sounded in my ears, my brain slammed. I quickly ran home, when I was panting and ran home. The sight in front of me shocked me: the family The wind, at the weekend, lost the shackles and domineering of the past, a little more tenderness, accompanied by the warm aroma of the sun, refreshing. Looking up at the blue sky, a group of beautiful clouds are flying, running, making a wonderful garland. Walking in the mountain, I can't help but slow down in the face of such beauty. Looking around, not far away, is a beautiful ginkgo forest, like the children of the sun god, otherwise, how can he get the most softest pets and so golden, Huang had forgotten the main color of this fall? There was a burst of joy in my heart, and I ran to the woods. However, the surprise was more than that. A small road covered by fallen was sitting around a large group of people, but you were lying in the raft. Mom said: "Grandma has gone, you should not just cry, go to burn some paper money to Grandma." The tears did not know when I had covered my cheek and burned paper money, crying and crying. I just want to ask you: "Grandma, are you having a good time there? Are you cold? Do you miss me?" However [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], even if I shouted my throat, I would not hear the voice of your response again. You are Two days after I was angry with you, you were buried in the mud. Forever, you will sleep forever in the cold soil. I will not see you in my lifetime. In the evening I squatted beside the banyan tree, and the eucalyptus was wearing a thick cotton coat. Grandma, are you warmly dressed there? The twigs rustle like a sadness, my heart is like a knife, crying at you, but no one answers. At night, I dreamed of you. You told me that you have a good time in heaven, and told me not to worry, you will always be with me by my side. We smiled at each other. After a while, you said that you are leaving, I am pulling you to let you go [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. Finally, you still walked me for a moment to understand: even if you are gone [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], your love and love for me will never be erased. It is a feeling from the heart, a feeling that I will never take away in my life.
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